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Monday, June 27, 2011

Our DIY PVC Kid Sprinkler

Hi, everyone!  Here are the pics from our handiwork yesterday!  We are still making minor changes but it's pretty much done.  Not quite as fancy as the Family Fun Magazine version but it sure does spray the water - that's the whole point - right?

Check it out - 
All the supplies to build our sprinkler!

One side assembled!

Second side assembled!

Almost done!

Oops - hose problem!

Trying to fix hose problem!

Minor adjustment and up and going!

Dad and son getting cooled off!!!!!

Cool sprinkler close up!

See the misters?

Set up with tarp and pool at the end!

All and all, this was a simple project.  The hardest part was finding the piece to connect the hose!  My hubby cut the PVC while I assembled. We decided not to add the sponges and lawn chair webbing but instead added the round sprinklers and spray misters. The water guns were a great idea but we haven't quite worked out the kinks in our design - but I have an idea that just may fix it!  I'll post that when we have it done.  

But in the meantime - Cristian is loving it!!!  In fact, he's outside at this very minute having a blast!

Hope this inspires you to build your very own for your kiddos!  Have a terrific Monday - see ya soon!


  1. Love this! Looking to make one for my kid this summer, as we already made a kidwash last summer, and donated it to his camp for all the kids to enjoy. I have to ask, as I can't find them, where did you get the disc sprinklers??? I couldn't even find them on Amazon?!

    1. We found them at our local Lowes Home Improvement Store. I hope you find them or something similar! My son loved this sprinkler!

    2. Walmart had some the begging of summer :D


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