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Saturday, October 1, 2011

DIY Wooden Doormat

Good morning and hello weekend!!  It's been a busy week of homework - spelling words, vocabulary, math, science and reading!  I swear I don't remember having this much homework when I was in the 4th grade.  I understand that homework is for practicing what you learn just seems that there's always an awful lot of it!

Anyway, on to today's post!  I just love DIY projects and this one is no exception.  The monogram is unique but even without it I think this doormat would be very nice.  The steps to make this are very simple and I'm sure it wouldn't take any time at all to get your very own doormat.  

Interested?  Go here to get the scoop:

DIY Doormat | The Accent Piece:

Thanks to the Accent Piece for this project. The only change I might make is to add a few strips of non slip tread (prevention of it getting slippery when it rains and gets wet). But other than that I just love this project.  

These would make an interesting gift especially for those people on your list who have everything and are hard to buy for! 

Have a great Saturday - see ya soon!

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