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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Backyard Scrabble

Good morning! I hope that everyone had a safe Halloween and got lots of goodies.  

I adore this time of year. The weather is crisp in the morning and gloriously temperate in the afternoon. If I could just find a place that has this weather all year round - boy, I'd be one happy gal! Even our little guy even seems to prefer this fall weather. 

We recently introduced him to the game 'Words with Friends' (it's interactive scrabble, if you've never played it) that can be played on Facebook and even our smartphones.  He's hooked, to say the very least. And truly, we are pretty happy about that!  It is a terrific game to increase his vocabulary and spelling skills which will in the long run improve his reading. So when asked, we will always play the game with him!

Shortly after his introduction to the game I game across this outdoor version. It is quite unique and would certainly be a nice way to spend a few hours together. Wouldn't you like to have a scrabble board in your backyard? I seriously think I would!  So if you're like me, follow the link to see how:

Backyard Scrabble -

Backyard Scrabble

Can't you just picture yourself with a tall drink and a good friend? Awesome!

Have a wonderful Tuesday!  See ya soon!

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