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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Keurig and My Personal QR Code!!

It's TGIF!!!!  Hurray!

Well, the verdict is in - we LOVE our new Keurig brewer!!!  It is so fast and convenient!  The best thing is that the coffee tastes amazing!  It came with a 12 pack of K-Cups, but I went to Walmart (roll-back to $10.98 for an 18ct!) the next day and got some of our favorites while we are waiting for the Ekobrew reusable filters to get here! I think my husband is very pleased as well.  Let me tell ya, it really took some convincing to get him to take the leap to a single cup brewer - LOL! But I know he's glad we did!

Today I want to share my Personal QR Code! I was looking for a new app (the one I had was not reliable - only worked when 'it' felt like it - not when I needed it to!) for my phone to scan these QR codes that are popping up everywhere and came across Skanz. This app is terrific and super fast and you can get it on the Android Market or at their website after you register (for free of course)!

So, while I was on the website I decided to generate my own personal QR code for my blog and ta-da - here it is!  You can save it and when you want to get here just scan and go - super simple and easy!  Want your own QR code? Just follow the link above to get started - it's totally free - just like their app!

They even have a couple of unique products to be able to share your code - so check 'em out!  I think these codes are a cool way to direct people to your website or contact information - a new digital business card is born!!

Have a great Friday and I'll see ya soon!

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