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Friday, June 17, 2011

"Football Fold" a Plastic Bag and Fledge Watch

Thank Goodness It's Friday!  First full week of summer vacation is over already - and it went pretty fast.  We sorta just kicked back.  I spent an afternoon with my friend Michele's girls making fabric covered photo boards - they came out soooooo cute!  (Sorry, I forgot to take a picture.) I may even have to make one for myself and Cristian!

Today I need to go to the grocery store and I've put it off all morning.  I'm just not in the mood today - but alas it must be done!  It's Friday Night Game Night and I need to pick up a few things.  Hamburgers and hot dogs on the grill - sounds like a picnic to me!

Cristian and I have been on Eagle Fledge Watch the past couple of days.  (You can watch too - go here: Decorah Eagles on Ustream) The eaglets are now about full size and preparing to fly.  It's bittersweet really.  I'm excited to see them fly but, sad to see them go.... It's seems like they were just hatchlings and now they are going to fly.  I really hope we catch it live - but if we don't I know there will be available video on YouTube. 

So on to today's find.  If you are like me you save your plastic grocery bags to use for other things.  But, if you have as many as I do then they are taking over just like mine! This idea is actually pretty cool.  I'm not sure I will take the time to do it but boy it sure would solve the storage problem, wouldn't it?  It's nice to know there is a solution out there.  So if you want to fold your plastic bags using the 'football fold' then go here and check it out!

How to Football Fold Your Plastic Grocery Bags  (the instructions are toward the bottom of the post)

Well, I suppose I've put if off long enough - I'm off to the store.  Have a fantastic Friday and I'll see ya soon!

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