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Friday, June 10, 2011

Swarovski Crystal-Embellished Handbag

Good morning!  It's TGIF and the LAST day of school!!!!!  Hurray!

Just a short post today since school lets out early today and I have some stuff I want to do before I go get Cristian.  I want to show you a cool thing you can do with Hot Fix Crystals.  Read on......

Aren't these bags absolutely gorgeous!!!  They are made by Designer Silvia Tcherassi.  As you'll see on her website, one bag costs in the ballpark of $850 to $1500!  Can you even think about paying that for a single handbag?  I know I can't!! 

Well, now you don't need to lay out that kind of cash!  You can make your very own - and thanks to Martha Stewart for showing us how it's done!  She had Silvia on her show and the technique is really quite simple.  (Be sure to check out the video, too.) Go here to find out more:

Have a wonderful day!  I'm off to make brownies for our brownie sundae dessert tonight - Yummy! See ya soon!


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