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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Bunny Ear Napkins, Chocolate Eggs, Basket Favors and More - Oh My!!

Good Morning!  I'm sorry to have been AWOL the last couple of days - spring break sorta took over.  But, I promise that today's post will make up for my absence.  It's filled with the last of my finds for making your Easter lovely.

Aren't these napkins the cutest things you've ever seen?  Wouldn't they really shine on your Easter dinner table?  Want them on your table - here's the link to the instructions: Bunny Fold for Napkins  Thanks Martha Stewart!

Next, we have sweet Easter Basket favors for your table.  Cute and easy - here's the link:  Easter Basket Favors  Thanks again, Martha!

In my opinion, these look delicious!  Wouldn't your family or friends be surprised to crack an egg and find it filled with chocolate?  My hubby would be in his glory for sure!  Want to make them?  Here you go - Chocolate Filled Eggs  And yes, again we need to thank Martha!


These confetti eggs are really cool.  Make a wish and crack an egg on someone's head - sounds like a quirky tradition to me - but I like it!  Cristian would love to crush confetti eggs on our heads!  How about the kids in your family?  They might be a cool addition to your egg hunt...sneak a few in and the lucky ones who find them get to make a wish then crush it! Hmmmm - might have to do that next year! And finally thanks again to Martha Stewart for sharing an unusual tradition with us.  Want to make them part of your Easter festivities?  Go here for instructions: Confetti Eggs

Yo Yo BunnyAnd last but not least, this snuggly crocheted Yo-Yo Bunny!  I've made these in the past and it is super easy and very cute when done.  I've always used pastel colors since that reminds me Easter and bunnies and springtime.  It may be too late for one in your kiddos basket this year, but you'll have plenty of time to get one done for next year!  Absolutely love the thought of something handmade for them to cherish - don't you?  Interested?  Go to, sign up and download the free pattern.  I believe it's listed under Seasonal in Spring & Summer Crochet Patterns. 
Well, that's it for today.  Have a wonderful Easter Holiday and I'll see you soon.


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