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Monday, April 18, 2011

Fabric Easter Basket

Good Monday morning to one and all.  This week is Spring Break so Cristian is home.  I think we're going to go pick strawberries one day this week - yummy!!!  He can't wait and neither can I - Love strawberries!

Anyway, today's post is another with an Easter theme.  I think that the basket pictured above is lovely and it appears very easy to make.  Maybe I'll make it in a solid color and then use it to display my fabric covered eggs....hmmm, I may have to get busy - lol!

Here's the link for the step by step picture tutorial: Fabric Easter Basket

It appeared on the site and the tutorial was done by Vanessa Christenson at V and Co. Thanks to them for this great tutorial!

Well, have a wonderful Monday.  Oh yeah, almost forgot - watch for more Easter themed tutorials this week!


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