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Monday, April 4, 2011

Visit Nesting American Bald Eagles and Their Newly Hatched Babies!!!

Hello, friends.  Hopefully your weekend was good.  Ours was, but busy.

Let me explain the title of my post today.  My internet provider's homepage has streaming news.  One of the stories caught my eye yesterday about Eagles and their eggs hatching being watched by over 100,000 people.  As a bird watcher (we have a bluebird nesting box in our backyard and every year we watch them nest and then wait for the eggs and babies) I had to check out the story and ended up going to the link to see the nest cam (pictured above).

The nest is in Decorah, Iowa and it's in conjunction with Xcel Energy and the Raptor Resource Project.  I have to say that it's pretty amazing, to say the very least.  Cristian is just tickled pink to be able to watch these eagles on a live feed.  Sadly, after I took him to school this morning, it was feeding time for the 2 babies and he missed it.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that hopefully this afternoon he will be able to see it.  Also, it appears that there is still one egg to hatch and I really hope we can catch it as it happens - he will love it!

Decorah Eagles and Babies Nest Cam  ***Link Updated 4-7-2011***

I've provided two links for you today.  The Xcel Energy link will take you to their homepage of the 2011 bird cams for not only the eagles but other birds as well.  The 2nd link is for the live cam feed for the American Bald Eagles and the hatchlings.  Take a few minutes and check it out.  It's pretty cool to be able to watch them and maybe you'll get lucky and see the last egg hatch or the babies be fed!!!!

Have a great day. 


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