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Friday, April 15, 2011

Outdoor Projects

Hey!  It's TGIF - Hurray!

Spring is in full bloom here in North Carolina and that means outside projects!  My darling husband just shakes his head because his honey-do list keeps getting bigger and bigger.  LOL!!  Here are a few of the things that we'd like to get accomplished outside.
A New Mailbox

Privacy Screen
Privacy Screens for the Sitting Area in the Front of Our House

Both project were featured at the Lowes Creative Ideas website.  I subscribed to the project magazine (it's free, by the way) and the privacy screens were in the March Issue.  When I went online to get the specs I found the mailbox. 

There's one more that I like - a 4 seasons planter. Each season the flowers change but the Dwarf Spruce remains a constant.  I really like the idea of this planter - I only wish I could decide on a place to put it!  Any ideas?

spring container
4 Season Planter

Wish me luck because I'm seriously thinking of doing some interior painting as well and maybe even redoing my kitchen cabinets - a little too ambitious?  We'll see!

Enjoy - hope this inspired you to line up a few outdoor projects of your own!  See ya soon. 

By the way I have a post coming up with a very cute way to decorate eggs for Easter - you won't want to miss it!!!

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