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Sunday, July 10, 2011

2x4 Wood Bees

Good afternoon!

I have been enjoying my hubby being home this week.  He's been diligently working on our new laundry room!  It is coming along quite nicely I have to say. The floor should be done today and then we have to have the plumber and electrician come to help get the washer and dryer hook ups done.  It's going to be great to have this completed!!!  I've taken pictures as he's done each step so I'll post everything once it's done.

Today I want to show you a cute 2x4 craft.  I originally made these for Cristian's kindergarten class, since they are the Belmont Bees.  His teacher gave them to the kids at the end of the year as part of their graduation.  There are boy and girl bees - can you tell which is which?

They are very easy to make.  One 12 foot long 2x4 makes 24 bees.  Each bee is 6 inches high.  Once you get the 2x4 cut, be sure to sand the edges and corners until they are smooth.  Then paint it yellow.  I used self stick felt strips for the bottom (but you could probably use chenille stems as well).  I printed the faces and after laminating them glued them to the front.  The chenille stem antennae is inserted in a drilled hole in the top with a black pony bead to give it a more finished look.  The girls got a bow and the boys didn't!  The wings are simply round pieces of black tulle gathered in the center and held in place with a piece of a chenille stem. They are hot glued to the back.  All done!

Hope this has inspired you to make your own little hive of bees - LOL!  

Have a super Sunday - see ya soon.

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