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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

PVC Marshmallow Shooters

Hey everyone! 

My hubby started on the biggest project on our to do list today.  I am so excited!  When we bought this house in 2006 there were things we knew that we would eventually change.  Isn't that always the case when you are a home owner?  Anyway, Cristian was little so we made a room into a playroom for him.  Now he's gotten old enough that it's not a necessity any longer.  Now I'm getting my greatly needed laundry room/pantry!  Yippee!!  Hurray!!

Our washing machine, dryer, extra refrigerator, and upright freezer are in our double car garage.  Not such a good place....  Super hot in the summer and pretty cold in the winter.  As if it's not bad enough doing laundry as it is, right?  Now it will all be inside and I can't wait!!!!!!  Stay tuned...... 

Anyway, do you have kiddos and are they telling you they're BORED?  Well this just might be the boredom buster you need!  A marshmallow shooter made from PVC!  I told you I keep seeing PVC projects for some reason.  This is one that is super easy to make and kinda cool for the kids!  Check it out here to make your very own:  marshmallow shooters

Thanks to for the innovation! 

Have a great over the hump day and I'll keep you posted on the room makeover!  See ya soon!


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