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Saturday, August 13, 2011

DIY Square PVC Christmas Wreath

Hi!  Hope everyone is having a good Saturday morning.  We watched 'Mars Needs Moms' last night and we really enjoyed it.  It was very cute and had a nice message.  It was done the same way as Polar Express so the characters resembled the actors that did the voices.   

We got it at Redbox for $1.00.  It was at Blockbuster Express, too but for $2.99.  Big Savings!  And I had also earned a movie credit so we got a second movie for FREE.  You need to check out Redbox if you haven't already.  I put a link in yesterdays post to get started online - Check it out!!  No membership fees - so much better than Netflix!

Anyway, on to today's post.  Christmas is basically right around the corner.  I've already begun thinking about decorations that need replaced and gift lists. I've learned that it is easier to start early than to wait until November and December to shop - so much less strain on the pocketbook!!

So I've posted several PVC projects over the past month and I couldn't resist passing this one on, too!  I'm planning on making this for my front porch.  It is unusual and caught my eye.  I may even make it so that I can interchange decorations for each holiday or season.  

Want to see how it's done?  Go here:  Square Christmas Wreath

Thank you to the for sharing this fantastic idea!

Have a fantastic rest of your Saturday.  See ya soon!

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