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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Spice Cabinet Organization Tip #1


With school about to start and Cristian being gone all day - my days will become my own once again (at least during school hours!).  It will be strange for the first week or so, but I can guarantee that I'll get back into a routine quickly.   I'm want to tackle my to do list but there's so much on it that I don't know where to start!

Speaking of my to do list....when I came across this idea for organizing my spice cabinet - it immediately went on it!  I love that you can see the spices in the containers and it makes more room in the actual cabinet.  I checked online and the magnetic containers are $1.99 each - a bargain!

Do you have a messy spice cabinet like me?  Then don't wait another minute - check out how to get it in tip top shape here!

Don't you love it?  I also noticed that The Container Store has magnetic strips that you could use also.  Either way, it makes for a much more organized spice cabinet!

Have a great over the hump day!  See ya soon.

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