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Monday, August 8, 2011

Watermark T-Shirt

Hey! Hope your weekend was great.  This weekend ended up being movie weekend.  We rented 'Soul Surfer' and 'Little Fockers' on Friday.  Both were very good.  Saturday we watched 'Life as We Know It'.  And finally, yesterday we went to see 'The Change Up' with Ryan Reynolds and Justin Bateman - it was hysterical!!!!! If that wasn't enough, we rented 'Alpha and Omega' last night!  WOW - 5 movies in 3 days!!!!  Sometimes you just need to chill, I guess.

I have to say that we have watched more movies since we cancelled Netflix and started using Red Box and Blockbuster Express!  The price increase that Netflix put in to place was ridiculous and so we said goodbye to them after almost 8 years.  And I have to say that it has been an easy switch to Red Box and Blockbuster and a whole bunch cheaper!!!!

So - on to today's post.  I think that this is a fun idea to change the look of a plain tee.  I love the idea of a poem or saying!  Cute stencils would be interesting, too.  It really is up to your imagination.  Cute - Cute - Cute!!

Go here to see how it's done!  Watermark Tee by Sweet Verbana

Thank you Sweet Verbana for sharing!

Hope your Monday is good.  See ya soon!

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