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Friday, March 18, 2011

AWESOME Digital Scrapping Tutorial

Happy Friday!

A few years ago I wanted to do something with all the hundreds of pictures I had taken of Cristian.  But just putting them in plain photo albums didn't really interest me.  So I considered starting paper scrapbooking.  Then I discovered just how expensive that can get if you want to do it right.  Back to the drawing board, so to speak.  And that is when I found out about digital scrapping!  It is totally awesome and so much less expensive than straight paper scrapping! 

After some surfing, I came upon many blogs that offer 'freebies'.  Being new to the digital world of scrapbooking I was happy to find 'Quick Pages' or 'Ploppers'.  But, what ever you call them - they make it easy to get caught up with your pictures.  Basically, it is a scrapbook page already made and all you need to do is put your picture in it!  And it's all digital!!!  Absolutely Brilliant!!

Here is one of the QP's that I found and inserted Cristian's picture in....wasn't he a cute baby?  This is on his 'Gotcha Day' in Guatemala City in 2003.

After finding several very talented and creative bloggers** with 'freebies' I began my journey into the digital world.  **Check them out for yourself - see my blog list in the right side bar -  believe me, that's just the tip of the iceberg!

Since then I have learned so many things.  I started with Photoshop Elements 5.0 and I'm currently using Photoshop Elements 9.0.   I've learned that while the QP's are easy and fun - it's also great to be able to create some pages of your own.  Some 'kits' that have papers, elements, and alphas, etc. are offered as 'freebies' and are also available quite inexpensively in online stores associated with many blogs.  The beauty of digital is - you can use and reuse any part of the kits over and over again.  Unlike paper scrapping where once you use it - it's gone.  

Here is one that I made from was taken at the beginning of 1st grade.  As you can see I was still learning but for my first try I think it turned out alright.

So where did I ultimately learn how to put it all together?  Well, there are great tutorials out there offered by some of the most creative people I've ever seen.  Here is one that I came across the other day and have been wanting to try.  I think that the selective coloring will add interest to my pages!  Doesn't it look cool with just the hat being colored???  I love it.

Chelle's Creations: Oh So Simple Selective Coloring Tutorial!

So whether you're new to the digital world or have been scrapping this way for awhile or want to give it a try and are unsure where to start - check out the tutorial above and do some searching - you'll be surprised at what you can find!  I know I was and happy that I took that first step.

Have a great day!  See you tomorrow.


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