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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Teacher Appreciation Gift


I know it's only March but the end of the school year is right around the corner.  And Teacher Appreciation Week is at the beginnning of May.  So regardless of which one you prepare a gift for your child's teacher - it will be here before you know it!  

When Cristian was in 1st grade I made his teacher an end of the year gift that looked like this:   

I tried to incorporate some things that I knew she liked - the color purple,  chocolate,  and diet soda.  I did a photo coffee travel mug and a couple other little things.  The drink carrier came from Subway, but I suppose you could use one from Sonic, too.  I liked that there was a handle (more places to decorate - LOL) because it made it easier to carry.  

It took only a few simple steps to put the whole thing together.  First, I resized four digital brag book pages with pictures from the school year to attach to the sides.  Then made a tag and laminated it with a badge holder so it could be tied on.  Next, I printed and covered the candy bar and soda with wrappers.  I used paper easter basket grass from the Dollar Tree in the bottom and then filled it with all the goodies.  Here's a couple of pics showing more views:

Maybe this gave you an idea for this year.  Glass tile pendants are on my list of things to do for his teachers now - I'll let you see when they are done.  Have a good one! See ya!


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