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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Soda Tab Bracelet

I wanted to show you my latest 'kreation' - a Soda Tab Bracelet.  As you can see it's made with soda can pull tabs and is joined by crochet thread. 

I got the pattern in my Crochet! magazine, the March 2011 edition.  I had seen these done and wanted to try one but didn't know what stitches to use.  So when the pattern was in the magazine, it immediately went on my to do list!

It took a couple of tries to get it right.  At first I was using cotton yarn and it was too thick and made the cuff part too wide.  So next I went to the combo of 2 crochet threads.  For the one pictured, I used Red Heart Fashion Crochet Thread - Silver Metallic Size 5 and Black Size 3 (both were available at Walmart).  I think they worked well together. 

My thought is that I would always use the metallic thread but combine it with different colored Size 3 thread.  This way the bracelet could ultimately match anything you wanted.  Although, I'm thinking it might still be too wide.  Maybe just a single thread or a double thread with a single stitch.  I'll have to experiment some more...  

But, I still like it and think it's a great way to recycle those soda can pull tabs!

Have a great day and we'll chat soon!


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